One creed Myth !

Kissed and fallen shine upon me,
In drape of mystery as she stood,
Some in the elegance, and other fragile,
Smile of Eos, Goddess of youth.

Crimsons of pure on the space of East,
Ardor and troth held in thine arms,
Stiff to believe in the silver star guide,
For maddest who choose fallible like me?

Poured down bash, rain among those dip,
With her and me, and our memory,
Like those reflections in the infinite,
Like those plausible dreams you had in life.

To sense the entity, coeval this row,
Where all beauty pause, where all of us meet,
Float upon those dim fields, to illume those road,
In this halted horizon, where lies gospel truth.

-Yoshi Vats


5 thoughts on “One creed Myth !

  1. What a fabulous composition? A truly mature poetry with abstract thinking, perfect words, flawless poetic structure. Love reading well thought of, and complete poetries like this.


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