The Last Goodbyee

Impish glee, and childlike smile,
Covered my face, after a time,
I stand here, for the last goodbye,
To the surrounded friends, hereby.

Tears rolled down, and chortle too,
Memories shared and secrets slip by,
I see my crush, standing at side,
With cloaked senses, in his smile.

Some tease me, for my enigma,
Others fooled, hence for silly by,
I see my friends, in tickled pink,
Carting along, of all their dreams.

Winked back, all my stories,
Draped with the fragrance of amends,
I see my little, raised tall in innocence,
Chiseled with the learning of the life. 

Arrived the last, in a decor sleigh,
Looked in his eyes, like never before,
Praised the fate, for our voyage,
And held my breath for the last time.

-Yoshi Vats


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