The Fool..

It was the winter eve.The chaos of the world, was disturbed by the silence around. The mistletoe, the lightening, the delicious distanced smell had subsided all. Mostly, everyone was at home, sipping the coffee over discussion of the worldly affairs, or was dead in their sleep.
But, he was not.

He was in his mid-twenties, tall and lean, usually, clean-shaven and dressed well. Much qualified, not just in words, but with his words. The ability to unfurl all the mysteries before time held him with respected position in the nearby society. People loved to make him a visit and be friends with him. He reciprocated with the chortle too.

But, that evening was not like usual. He was indulged in taking frequent imaginative flights, was arrested in the world of his own thoughts, which depicted and deciphered a world within him. Thoughts had overshadowed his mind and solitude was all that he appreciated. He lit a cigar and carefully flipped his days.

The farther he walks away from the reality, the darker it seems to his sight.

“This is not how, I have planned things to work”, he thought. 

His heart pounded with sigh. The smoke from his cigar made it look all dusty. And for the another spell, it was a perfect head trip, with a grin.

“I have made it so far, all by myself”, and this time he smiled.
“My struggles know me the best. Those small little pebbles was the laid back for me to walk on”, another thought strikes.

“The countless years of never-ending efforts, is the reason of my overnight success”, was said with a trifling move.

The night was getting dark and the thoughts were dense. He lit the another cigar.

“Is some relations, worth making efforts for? Do I really want them to unfurl in favor? If not, then why do we make efforts to know them at first place?” questioned every nerve.

If you ever have to give a second thought about something, either it is not your worth or is not going to happen. Some things are certain and we know it. 

The tangle was too dense. It was untouched, for the time to tell.

“So, what next?” 

If I tell you that everything you want in your life, is sure to happen, will you still give your best?

He sensed some warmth on his fingers. It was all shine. Though most of his answers was still left in the hours of dark, yet there was sense of contentment. 

As he stepped out of the door, it started showering. He pulled his umbrella and coat and walked along the cold wetly streets, greeting with smiles.

Things, seldom goes as planned.  

-Yoshi Vats


27 thoughts on “The Fool..

  1. I’d say this was a wonderful piece but that would fail to convey my real feelings for this one. Let me try in a different manner.

    I could imagine things very clearly like a moving image, it all went in a flow. I wish it was a little longer and had more to offer.

    Liked by 2 people

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