The Sunday Morning…


Yoshi Vats, the author and blogger of InkMode.


Sunday morning is draped with essence of the fresh tea leaves and the efficacious chortle. From the burning bulletin to lethargic thoughts, everything surmounts.

A sudden ahoy arrested his attention. He turned back. His five year old daughter was standing there. He smiled and waved to her. She started reaching him in her small footsteps. Her poised smile connotes well for her comforted life.

“Today is your hodilay, daddy?” asked the daughter.
“Haha ! It is kiddo.  And I will be at your service.”
“Service?” question from the glassy eyes.
” Yes, I will be here with you all day to fulfill all your wishes. Your elf for a day”, followed by a wink.

She smiled. She knew she has her very own elf for the rest of her life. Someone who knows her, will always listen to her, irrespective of things placed in words or only mingled in thoughts. Someone to take care of her.

We are born with the inquisitive minds. Lessons you learn is either self-chosen or imposed. Either way learning needs to happen.

“What wish should I make?” questioned the innocent mind.
“Wish for something that will bring you happiness”, replied the father.

“How will I know what makes me happy, papa?” the next question shoots.
He smiled, “Something that will challenge you first and calms you later will make you happy, beta”.

She giggled, knowing that she has no challenges to face. Her dad will never let that happen. But something overshadowed her thoughts.

“Who will challenge me?”

Her father can well-observe the tensed look on his daughter’s face.

“Someone who knows, what your comfort level is, will always try to put you with challenges.” Maybe, he wanted her to learn the style of life. He challenged her, so she can ask more questions.

“Huh?” she was blank.
“How will someone know what is my comfort level?”

“You will tell them. You will tell them by your words; in your action. By the road that you travel, will tell the world about your journey.”

“People listen?”, the young girl wanted to know everything that her father has to say.

“Yes beta, people listen. They listen when they love you. They listen when they want to be like you. They listen because they want to defeat you. They listen because they want you to listen to them.”

“Who are those people daddy?”
“Your friends. They are your very own friends disguised in every names of the relations.”

“Then what daddy?” the little girl asked
“You will learn a new lesson. You will find yourself. You will come out of your comfort level. You will answer them all.”

“Why you call them my friends then, they want me to lose”, and then she crossed her arms. For the first time she felt she was not comfortable.
“No they don’t. They challenge you because they want to learn from you. These people doesn’t know how to come out of an adverse situation. So, they create a same difficult situation for you. To learn for something they failed miserably at. You strive and they get a lesson to learn.”

“Then why friends?”
He smiled a little more this time. “Because they let you have a bigger piece of cake,  by actually not letting you know about it.”

There was a spark in her eyes when she heard about the cake. Now all she wanted to do was visit  the nearest bakery shop on Sunday morning, and buy herself her favorite cake, also some balloons and a ride to her uncles’ place. Because her birthday  falls in this month.

She will soon be a grown-up.

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