Say Nothing…

When the words are scattered,
When the world is loud,
And the midst is a gloom corner,
You say nothing…

When the ears are dumb,
When the sights sloth,
And it all becomes difficult,
You say nothing…

Hold yourself and walk apart,
Make reasons but never come back,
Look ahead and find anew,
But, you say nothing !


13 thoughts on “Say Nothing…

  1. …..look ahead and find anew,
    but you say nothing!

    What if you walk away and you heart bleeds by the way.

    Say nothing!

    The words will melt on your tongue ,
    the drops of pain will seep like cold icicles down your throat.

    And you will melt and burn and dance to the sounds of music gone.
    As you fling your heart afar.

    And you say nothing!


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