High on Hormones !

High on Hormones, is a simplified literature of one my project, during my final year of graduation.
Just wanted to try something different. Hope you guys like it.

The effects if the hormones in females in various stages.

HORMONES, is a chemical release by a cell, a gland or an organ in one part that affects the cell in the other part of the body.


New born babies, (boys as well as girls) may have the enlargement of breast, due to high level of estrogen. Usually seen on the third day. This usually disappears  after a week. This is called due to falling level of mother’s estrogen in baby’s bloodstream.
Hormones from mother can cause the milk leakage, usually called as witch’s milk.
New born girls have a temporary change in the vaginal area, labia. It looks puffy due to vaginal exposure.
There can be white fluid discharge called Leucorrhea. It is resolved within two months.


It is the phase where maximum change occurs. it lasts for about four years.
First endocrine change is seen here, as ovaries produce the other hormone for the first time.
LH or Leutinizing hormone increase drastically and the progesterone level eventually falls. This leads to the onset of ‘mensuration.’
The breast get bigger. The growth of underarm and pubic hair is seen.
Hypothalamus secrets Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). This facilitates the sexual desire and behaviour in female.


New Hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is produce by developing placenta. This stimulates ovaries to produce high level of estrogen and progesterone to sustain pregnancy.
hCG doubles every 72 hours. It is at its peak at 8-11 weeks and then declines.
There are four conditions during this phase:-

  1. The pregnancy hormone levels are normal but doesn’t confirm a normal pregnancy.
  2. The pregnancy hormone is lower than expected. This states that either a female is not as many weeks pregnant as she thought or the the pregnancy is not growing normally.
  3. The pregnancy hormone is rising slower than usual because of miscarrying or the pregnancy is ectopic.
  4. The pregnancy hormone is declining means the pregnancy is ending.

After the child-birth

Progesterone level decreases and the estrogen level increases.
High level of estrogen causes liver to produce increasing level of thyroid-binding globulin. For this reason women develops the symptoms of low-thyroid.
Hormonal imbalance leads to allergies whose symptoms were not seen before.
Also, there is tender breasts, abdominal blotting, low mood leading to social and emotional problems.


Occurs at the age of 45-50 years.
Estrogen protects the heart, bones, womb, vagina and bladder in healthy  state.
Due to marked loss  in the estrogen level, there can be detrimental effects on her health.
Night sweats, Hot flushes, risk of heart disease and the bone disorder osteoporosis are usually seen.

‘From the cradle to the grave, hormones play an important role in every woman’s life. ‘


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