A letter to my future husband…

A word to you…Penning my emotions down. I hope you will read this someday…

I hope this letter reflects my thoughts well.

I am not pretty, neither perfect nor well-groomed. Never care for what I look like. I am usually polite and busy in my own small world.But, I know I am beautiful and a good human being.Since, the day I have gained my senses, I have been looking for you. Hoping to meet you somewhere you will cross my world. In this dues course, I met some wonderful people but…“Never fell in love…”
They say, “Until and unless you meet your Life-partner, you don’t fall in love. You try to do so.”It is also true that I never tried to fall in love.Sometimes I wanted to just steal glances and feel good about it. Some were the days were we exchanged warm smiles to each other. Then, it lingered with me for a bit long. Sometimes I wanted to talk to a person and let him know about me. Sometimes I wanted to talk to a person and know more about him.I stalked, I ignored, I blushed, I spoke…But never fell in love…
I cried, shed tears, and felt sad and low. I tried moving on, disappearing, getting lost in dark. I kept quiet and explained. I spoke and said nothing. Every time to every other guy…But still never fell in love…

Now, all I want you is to find me…Know that I am here, waiting for you. To know you, talk to you, share my thoughts, and share my coffee, and to trust you..Love you !!

To all this people who broke my heart, I do want to tell them somewhere someone will even take care of those broken pieces. He will listen to all that I have to say, will know me and would love to stay there in my forever.

Maybe, it is incorrect but I do have some expectations from you too.

Firstly, I don’t want you to drink or smoke. I don’t have any hatred towards such people. Bas I don’t want you to drink. Neither would I appreciate alcohol bottles and a drunken guy at my house. Respect my emotions.
Secondly, have respect for women and be courteous. Even if you meet a prostitute, treat her with utmost respect.
Thirdly, I have a great dad. I want the same for my kids too.
Also, study and have a good qualification.

From the person you will meet someday


36 thoughts on “A letter to my future husband…

    • Hey…thanks a ton man ! I am honored and also happy high 🙂
      Congratulations to you for your recognition.
      Also, I am little busy with my ongoings. Will make a post, soon after I can spare some time.

      Liked by 1 person

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