Yet, we are still looking at the stars…

“We are all in gutter, but some of us is looking at the stars.”- Oscar Wilde

“I have to prove this first, wait”, she said.

A woman who has dedicated her life in the service of making her family happy, still needs to prove, if she has done something for them. 

A woman, who is newly wedded, needs to prove her chastity to her husband. In some community, the girl’s father has to actually take the stained bed-sheet of their daughter and keep in front of their in-laws. 

A highly qualified, graduate student, still needs to prove her social catalog to the society.  

If, a girl is raped, she actually has to prove whether it was a forceful offence or she deliberately wanted to indulge in the act. And if, she a married woman, It is not a rape. Period.

If  there is a stain of blood on your skirt from the monthly cycle, you have to sit and cry and prove that you are sorry for it. Also, sometimes you have to tell the world in your junior classes that it is not your pee which turned out to be red.

Prove that you are not a loser. 

Sometimes, you even have to prove that you are proving things, your relationships, your love, your friendship, your own dignity.

From the language we speak to the action we do, everything needs to be proved, my friend.

After all this if you survive, prove that you are still breathing.

Well, this is tradition and we can’t refrain ourselves.

And it is a never-ending process…

Yet, we don’t stop looking at the stars, and dreaming to reach there someday.


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