My first day at school…

The first day at my school…
The memories are still very fresh in my mind and close to my heart.

It was a April Morning. My mother dressed me up for my big day in my new school uniform. Looking at myself, I was all happy and gay and feeling all grown up. Excitement was running high, and henceforth I decided to iron my new handkerchief by myself. Suddenly, a hot iron touched my right palm giving rise to the huge blister. My mom was all frightened after seeing that. She wanted my first day at school to be special. So, she asked me not to cry or shed tears at any cost. I agreed.

When I entered my new classroom, almost every soul was filled with grief of parting from their cozy homes. 
And, I was not supposed to cry.

I moved forward to take my seat. I was been asked to sit next to Mr. Naveen JhunjhunwalaHe was a short guy, round face, extremely white crooked teeth with those twinkling eyes. He was too lost in despair. Also, his nose was running profusely.

I noticed no one gave importance to Jhunjhunwala’s precious droplets. Being really kind at heart, I took myself the pleasure of the toughest work by cleaning his nose. Neither was I rewarded nor given any attention. My new would be friends had arrested it all.

After a hectic day of crying and consoling, finally we all returned back. I am sure many of my friends would have doubted this, including Mr. Jhunjhunwala.

Later that evening, I felt that the running eyes and noses were the custom of my new school. I was just too obedient to my mother. This is a new era, she must have not known about it. Else-wise, she wouldn’t have stopped me from shedding tears.

Never-mind, tomorrow always come. 

So, the second day of school…
I was the only one crying and running in the entire playground. Behind me were two of my teachers and three non-teaching staff with the principal and vice-principal.
Popularity follows too. 

                                                 “Childhood days are worth to be remembered,
                                                       No future to plan; no past to compare.


2 thoughts on “My first day at school…

  1. Thanks a lot Aamir ! Your kind words made my day… 🙂 🙂
    I will surely continue to bring the best in my writings.
    Also looking forward to hear more from near future.
    Thanks a ton !
    Best Wishes 🙂


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