Remember, You are a woman !!

The world where you live is stubborn. Stop wasting your time. Fighting and trying to prove things.
What you did yesterday, doesn’t matter. Your deeds in this moment, right now..only counts.
Start Living !! 

  1. Know thy worth

No matter what, you deserve the best. 
You are fabulous. You are incredible. You are beautiful. 
You may or may not believe in yourself but you deserve a lot. All you have to do is know your worth.

  1. Raise your standards.

You failed. You were betrayed. You demand for respect. 
Scream, screech, shout? 
Just Stop !!
Raise your standards. Be the woman ‘you’ want to be. 

  1. Be hard to get

‘Playing hard to get’ is a waste of time. Trust me.
Create the barriers and that too a tough one.
The skilled man will break it, in artistic style.

  1. Be an artist

One Life. Your Journey.
Imbibe in your style.
Neither should you impress nor inspire others.
It will act as an obstacle.
Complete your journey in most artistic way.
Be selfish. Be you. Rest follows.

  1. Remember, You are a woman. 

Stop acting like a man. Competing him. Trying to be like him.
You are born as a woman, who is fragile, caring, magnanimous.
You are born with your own inherited behavior.
Appreciate your womanhood.


23 thoughts on “Remember, You are a woman !!

  1. monicakirathi says:

    Stop “playing hard to get” be hard to get…. Woow…. I think the whole act like a lady, think like a man phenomenon got us all confused. I doesn’t mean to switch your brains out for a man’s brain or to play mind games like they do. Its our greatest asset to think like a lady. My power is in my womanhood and I can only unlock that when I learn my worth. You hit a home run…. I love it!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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