Mumbai Diary !

13th June, 2014…
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai…
I, Graduated !

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

“It is not just a college…Its the way of Life.”

The College, itself !


 The place told me to add colors into my life.
Filled with the warm smiles and friendly gestures, I still cherish, those best three years.

The Yellow Chairs…


Confusion, Cribbing, Chortle and Crush..
Food, Fun, Friends and Foes.
Cutting chai with gupshup,
CIA, SIP and assignment, journals.
It was the Foyer, ‘The canteen’.

The Hogwarts Stairs !



Lets not miss on this. We ran, we fell, and we ran again.
Hoping to fulfill our dreams, while living in the world of one.

The Xavier’s fest !

The rush, the excitement,
creativity and the press,
the crowd and their roar,
the tiredness, and the contentment,
Hugs and smiles followed after.
which lead to something new.

The Curfew Timing !


Getting late, and to look for bus, cab or train,
welcomed by the old lady with the stick,
“Noe, noe , noe, you are supposed to come on time.”
“Ahh ! mam, I broke my leg”.
All because of curfew time.


And off-course, this !

Knowledge at the row,
Make us think ‘differently’ now.
From Demand and Supply,
To Doped and biased…
We lay it periodically on the table.

We the people !


The place was good, because the people were awesome.
Three years, many stories, one little small world.
And, each of us signed in ‘Missionary Style.’

Once a Xaveirite, will always be a Xaveirite.