The Third Sex, of ‘our’ society…

                                                                             You make us proud.
They are neither male nor female. They have an independent identity of sexuality. They are the ‘Third Sex’.
Life is much easier for those, who doesn’t have to, fight for their individuality, struggling for the basic rights, and also listen to the enormous criticism poured upon, every single day.
Their entire community who sets an examples and inspire us from their hardships, never ending struggles by breaking the stereotypes, and also makes us proud.

They fight for their basic rights. Yes, they made a difference by themselves, by compelling the government to pass a bill in Rajya Sabha to pass a bill for their betterment and a recognition in society.

They fight for education.
 Due to their firm determination and a passion to outcast the stereotypes, they are fighting for their education. Nowadays every recognized university has a third section in the gender category.

They fight for their survival.  Tired of everyday jokes, they still stand head high and move around. The pain in the laughter can be unheard by many, but those joyous claps still deciphers the carefree life of their own and an appreciation for themselves 

Our people, from society, the third sex is striving and struggling for their own individuality and are able to steal the success from this biased world.

Recently, we heard about the India’s first transgender principal. Well, let me correct myself, it is the world who gets the first transgender college principle. Manabi Bandopadhaya, takes charge of Krishnagar Womens’ College in kolkata, India. It is a matter of proud for us, that India is the first country to bring about such changes.
Right to equality’ is preserved.

The first pastor, the first news reporter, and also, the first transgender music album is their other achievements. 
The above mentioned statement clearly depicts that, they are neither above or below us. They are the equal citizens of India, who are deprived of their basic and fundamental rights, because ‘we’, the two sexes still don’t realize the damage we cause to them, only because we are reluctant and lacking a better source of entertainment.

Learn, from them and from their struggles. Never to Give up is what they are teaching us. Also, allow them to live their own life, accept them with all hearts and appreciate them for their independent stand, if not more.