इस रूह में कुछ खामोशी सी है,
कुछ बिखरे हुए से नग्म हैं,
कुछ उलझी हुई सी हरकतें,
कल का कुछ अफ़सोस कहूँ,
या आने वाले कल को उमीद?

हर शब में मैं जब बैठा करता हूँ,
इन खामोशी की कलम से यादें लिखा करता हूँ,
क्या बिगरा, क्या बदला, कैसे किस दिन क्या हुआ?
हर बात को अक्षर में गरहा करता हूँ I

कभी कही बातों से मेरी,
कभी सुनाई इन कविताओं में,
हर ज़ख़्म से जुदा होना चाहता हूँ I

-योशी वत्स

The Vineyard !

Shines of sun upon those blues,
Like small pearls hanging in yard,
Scattered across, around my sight,
In a vineyard, in a row.

Picking-up each from the winter shine,
Slowly filling up in the barrel,
Some were covered, of the frost,
Some were up, on the climber.

Of all the happy men, around me,
Taste the good of mine chosen,
Drink and dance and merry around,
Of each blues, from each barrel.

Heading my head, towards the row,
Silently I work, on those fruits,
As this winter is not for long,
As my soul, is sure to lost.

-Yoshi Vats


कौन हूँ मैं?

दो माटी के हैं हम  ढोल,
या अपनी कहानी के बोल,
पर रहस्य ते ना खोल,
कौन हूँ मैं?

बूँदों की बरसात में धूल जाओं,
चिंगारी से आग में उभर जाओं,
कुम्हार की बातों में ढल जाओं,
पर फिर भी पूछे मन, कि कौन हूँ मैं?

अस्तित्व क्या जो मेरी है?
पहचान वह जो तुमने मुझे दी है,
गूँथ के इन सभी को सवर जाओं,
और कहूँ की वह हूँ मैं ?

मिला जो मैं खुद से कभी,
जैसे मिले हो भूमि और गगन,
निकली शितिज से जैसी किरण,
बस वही हूँ मैं I

-योशी वत्स


Destino !

Those silent times, drenched,
Pretending it doesn’t matter.

Silence !
Following after, gulping,
Down with all the emotions.

and was ripped, and morose,
for the days looming close.

Remember, you miffed,
Fate silently tells a tale.

-Yoshi Vats

Crafted unrequitedly!

Summer shine in walks of roads,
As I glance across those panes,
Ink, and paints and hence the muse,
Indulged in fabrication of the art along.

Waved those glassy eyes together,
Or was the glass which dazzled?
Shy and smile masked it all,
Or was that the love, sober?

Smile did cross those innocent coat,
And eyes did greet from the distance,
Ah ! What makes the world crude to him,
  As, love blushed only for the art around.

Love was crafted, one to him and for him,
 Words spilled, some with him and for him,
Fairing his love to him with all my love to him,
I glanced back onto those glassy roads, again.

-Yoshi Vats 

One creed Myth !

Kissed and fallen shine upon me,
In drape of mystery as she stood,
Some in the elegance, and other fragile,
Smile of Eos, Goddess of youth.

Crimsons of pure on the space of East,
Ardor and troth held in thine arms,
Stiff to believe in the silver star guide,
For maddest who choose fallible like me?

Poured down bash, rain among those dip,
With her and me, and our memory,
Like those reflections in the infinite,
Like those plausible dreams you had in life.

To sense the entity, coeval this row,
Where all beauty pause, where all of us meet,
Float upon those dim fields, to illume those road,
In this halted horizon, where lies gospel truth.

-Yoshi Vats

The new Website !!

Hello Everyone,

My current research topic and area of interest is on Women’s health. Henceforth, I am working on Poly-cystic Ovaries Syndrome.

Polycyst is an enlarged ovaries, which is filled with fluids and develops a rudimentary fibers around the circumference.  In simple words, it is a medical condition in which female starts producing more of male hormones( androgen and testosterone). 

Polycystic ovary syndrome, a common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age, is responsible for the such conditions.
There is no exact cause recorded.
It mostly, occurs due to genetic and environmental disturbances.
It can mainly occur to anyone at any age of her reproductive period.
Hypothyroidism, is also the another reason which leads to hormonal imbalance. 

Nearly, 72% of the woman, is likely to develop the cysts in their ovaries, in their reproducible phase. This leads to irregular menstruation, infertility, cancer, cardiac problems, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, obesity etc.

Regular exercise, proper diet, good sleep and some bit of awareness is required to get rid of it.

My new webpage Poly-Cystic Ovaries Syndrome , will be highlighting all about it.

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गुरु महत्व !

श्री रामचंद्र, जनौ के बाद माता कौशल्या के पास भिक्षा माँगने जाते हैंI तब माता कौशल्या उन्हे गुरु के महत्व का वर्णन करती हैंI उस संवाद को मैने कविता के रूप में लिखने की कोशिश की हैI

होत जनौ ठार रघुवीरा,
गये माता कौशल्या मॅंगेन भीख,
मुस्काई मा देख अपने लालन को,
कहती यह सब जगत की रीत

प्रथम ज्ञान दियो है माता ने,
बतायो गुरु के महत्व को,
कहती परयो वेद, पुरान या ग्रंथ कोई,
गुरु वाणी है सर्वोतम जो

पूछत जो तुमसे कभी कोई,
मात पिता है तुम्हार कभी कोई,
दियो नाम अपने गुरुजन का,
जो प्रभु भेट कराए हैं सोई

जब गुरुघ्रि जाओ रघुवीरा,
मानत गुरु के हर वचन को,
तब हाथ ज़ोर लेत आशीश वह,
चले एक नयी सृष्टि की ओर

-योशी वत्स

The Scattered road !

Pardon those clouds of dust,
Weaving along the hazed thirst,
Some scattered, and some were torn,
In the nights of the awake road.

Pardon those storm of the quest,
Flipping across thyself, again,
Some in  minds of myth, some but not,
In the words of the lost route.

And also, pardon them and me,
Gushing through, to the end,
Some for senses and other return,
In the hush of the scattered road.

-Yoshi Vats