Woman in No Colonial Land

We Indians have self defined MODERNITY. Keeping the ethos of our tradition and welcoming the LPG reforms, calling it the Indian version of Modernity.

More sense of freedom and opportunities are available for the woman of today. She is strong, independent and with her own life choices. Unlike past when sati and purdhah prevailed, contemporary woman is able to fulfill her limitless aspirations.

During Ancient Period…

The history of India, clearly defines four varna system (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra). The negative impact of varna is well critised by many scholars. But had any of us ever tried to know the conditions of the women belonging to these four varna?

Believed in early marriages and much emphasis was laid on purity of the wOman sexuality.

The evil practises of Sati and Johar was frequently practised as men felt pride in losing their life in battleground.

Woman were domisticated and were confined to the four walls of household. She was not well educated and considered as a sexual object by men.

Britishers were able to eradicate the evil practises of Sati and Purdhah. Many reforms laid emphasis on women education. Many of us had set new heights and millions of more sleep with their dream to achive big.


The harsh reality is women is still considered as a ‘vulnerable section of our society.’ 

They need protection, they need reservation and they need various skill development program by the state. 

Doesn’t matter if Britishers’ colonised India, honestly nothing has changed in the life of woman.

India is still not modern because many of us are still talking about woman empowerment rather believing and accepting it.

Caste and class still prevails on the streets of patriarchy, which is filled with dirt.

-Yoshi Vats


Three Years of InkMode


Thank you and Wishing u all a very Happy Holi 🙂


छोट छोट पैर चलत ठुमकाई,
गुरु गृह के आश्रम सब भाई,
जाके शीश झुकाई गुरुजन ते,
लिन्हि आशीष किजे लीला आई I

गुरु गृह जे गये रघुराई,
पल में विद्या गूँथ ले सब भाई,
मुस्काई त देखन वयदेही,
इठलाई संग आर, तीन जननी I

जाने हैं सब जगत में राम के गाथा,
जाने ना कोई सिया की देन,
सिया से ही राम के अक्षर होई,
जह मिथिला सह अवध संग प्रेम I

-योशी वत्स

The dusk, call !

Dark was near to some but not,
And light was stepping slow,
Called in high, the stirred dusk,
In heaps of all the ardor.

Smiled love, and tangled aside,
Grinned the troubles, which after,
Dive thee to the drop,
In still of all the dither.

Myth is in the shades of day and dark,
Dread not the mind for so but long,
In the notch of words played so hard,
Be the seer in the dusk of call.

                                                                           -Yoshi Vats


The shades of soot, in sight,
In eyes of close, or of foes,
Weaved words veiled or not,
To hide the truth but not. 

Sway and sore the deep of much,
From thy words of verb of each,
And then thee fear the sense of pith,
Till the end, of the arc of sledge.

The shades of blue, insight,
In eyes of mine, and thee soul,
Weaved runes of my fair thoughts,
Of all good deed of the times.

Tale it and tell it, and stay it firm,
From all odds of the shades of soot,
Know thy words of all the troth,
To the long last of all shades.

           -Yoshi Vats